Strutting around the kitchen

princess parrotKris was strutting around the kitchen floor the other day. He was so darn proud of himself until — in walked the cat. Kris squawked and flew off in panic. I don’t know why he bothered to panic. The cat was ignoring him and heading to her food dish. Frankly Scarlet, she didn’t give a damn.

Later Kris was climbing all over me. Sweetheart, I’m not a jungle gym. I just play one on TV (no). He even climbed on top of my head. Kris is my new hat, one of the latest fashion trends.

I just wish he’d stay still long enough so I could get better pictures. When he does sit still, he is up on a curtain rod or atop high furniture where the angles aren’t good.

4 thoughts on “Strutting around the kitchen”

  1. Thank you for this comprehensive insight in Kris world. Your website is great and you provide valuable information. I am also an animal lover but I have always wondered what if I had a parrot? All is natural with you. Maybe I will buy one but I am still worried about my cat and her reaction. She loves birds if you know what I mean.

    1. Hi Diana, My cat in her younger days was a huntress. Birds and mice were usually left by the bar-be-que grill. Dinner? I think she decided Kris is family.
      If you do decide to buy a parrot, go to the store or private breeder several different days to spend time with the one you want. It will give you time to get to know each other and you can decide if it’s a good match. Parrots can have strong personalities and like their attention.

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