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Kris Mom

Meet Kris a Princess of Wales Parakeet who I inherited at the end of March 2015 after a sick neighbor I was helping had passed away. At that time, I also inherited several hamsters, no money just a bird and hamsters. I already had an elderly cat so I guess it’s a darn good thing I like animals. Nice bird, Nice hamsters, Nice cat. As for me — I’m a pain in the neck.

Slowly I’ve been learning more and more about parrots. My plan here is to share Kris’ antics and some of the information I have learned or yet to learn. Some of this I will get either right or wrong or have no clue what I’m doing but you the reader will have the chance to comment. Perhaps my journey will be helpful to others or at least entertaining. We all could use some laughter.

My little zoo and I live in New Jersey, the Garden State. I guess that means I’d better plant a garden. Oh, my aching back! Too bad Kris doesn’t know how to use a shovel.

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