An ergonomic sand perch for Kris.

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ergonomic sand perchJust bought an ergonomic sand perch for Kris from Great Companions.
 He doesn’t let me touch him so I an unable to load him into his carrier to bring him for nail trimming or even wing clipping even though he will climb all over me. I’m not sure how I’d even transport him to the vet if he was seriously sick and we all know that a bird doesn’t look sick until he is truly in bad shape.

I had a discussion with my friend who owns the umbrella cockatoo and he told me how he uses a sand perch for Murphy (the umbrella cockatoo). Murphy hasn’t needed his nails trimmed in about a year thanks to the sand perch.

Now a sand perch has been one of the items on my wish list for when I had a little extra money to spend. Even though they look funny, and they do, I was aware of their benefit, knowing in the long run, Kris needed it.

I splurged in spite of my budget. Actually, it wasn’t too expensive and shipping wasn’t bad.

Kris has 3 other perches. Two are wood and came with his cage. The third is a multi-colored stiff rope that I twisted from front to back in his cage near some toys. This new royal blue sand perch is raised a little higher, going across the front of Kris’ cage. Looks good.

I didn’t notice Kris on the sand perch the first day it was installed. The second day, Kris was perched upon it as if it had been in the cage forever, not new at all. Boy, was I glad to see this.

Kris is enjoying his sand perch. He has figured out that he has a better view of the stairs, front door, and hallway with the perch’s location. Hey, eventually his nails will even be sanded down.

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