Blue bird of happiness.

Man, this birdie starts 20151119_121004_resizedout the day cheerfully. The minute Kris hears me upstairs he starts with a couple of loud squawks and beeps announcing his presence and readiness for the day. Then “Crispy” and “hello” . The chattering changes into a an assortment of happy contented sounds. This all repeats with every movement from me he hears.

When I come downstairs, he starts the squawks again, simmering down to the happy sounding chatter. Kris and I exchange “Hellos” and he asks “What are you doing?” I laugh and he laughs back. I tell him “birds just want to have fun” and he just chatters away at me. Then my cat walks by, ignoring Kris, but he starts to flutter around the cage. Cat just wants breakfast “Meow” or maybe she means NOW!

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