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Bulk Bird Supplies Or Smaller Packaging?

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Bulk bird supplies or smaller packaging? Which do you prefer?

parrotIf you have multiple birds it’s a no-brainer. you are going to go through a whole lot of food and treats pretty quickly. It can be cost-effective. Then again do all of your favorites come in bulk packages?

If you have only one bird it’s another story. You aren’t going to use up bulk supplies fast enough to stay fresh no matter how good a price you paid.

Then again if you have a finicky eater, you definitely want to go with the smaller packages.

For more possibilities check out the links below.

 This post contains an affiliate link, which means if you purchase after clicking the link, I may receive compensation.

 This post contains an affiliate link, which means if you purchase after clicking the link, I may receive compensation.

New bird seed.

Running out of seed. That’s easy. Stop at the store and pick up new bird seed. No. Not as simple as I thought. The store was out of the type I had purchased last time. Kris had really enjoyed it too. Darn.

Mom decided to experiment with another type of seed that looked pretty good at the time. When I opened the bag I began to have second thoughts. Some of the seed looked OK but there were other pieces that I also would find in my hamster’s food. There also was pumpkin seed and two other types of dried beans which I knew Kris would not eat. The poor bird would not eat much of this at all.

Thank God, I still have a little old seed left and plenty of pellets. Guess who is running out to the store in the morning. My hamsters will be happy, they now have plenty of new food.

Kris did his best to prove me wrong.

Kris did his best to prove me wrong. I know I have previously reported that he did not like carrot. The other day, I had been finely chopping carrots in a mini food processor for a recipe. Kris was out and sitting on my shoulder (he is my supervisor). Suddenly I had this brilliant idea. Why don’t I try giving him a little carrot again?

I put a little chopped carrot along the rim of a small bowl, encouraging Kris to step up and try some. This went over well. He pecked at it, seeming to enjoy it. I don’t know if he liked it better because it was small pieces or if because it was fairly moist or both.

Next time I am chopping carrot, I will put some aside for Kris. Of course, since I’ve put this in writing, next time Kris will ignore it and laugh at me. Aren’t all children like this?

Cheese hog

20151119_121004_resizedI have a little blue feathered cheese hog. Kris has been pigging out on cheddar cheese the past few days.

I must admit this is a really good cheddar. My bird has good taste. (Who was the wise guy who just said he’d taste great parmigiana? Kris doesn’t have enough meat on him! Shame on you!)