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Kris doesn’t seem to like his new toy.

Kris doesn’t seem to like his new toy bells that I bought for him a few weeks ago. I tried putting them in his cage where they would be off to the side leaving space in the center for him to fly around (doesn’t do a lot of flying, not too much room, he just jungle gyms his way climbing around the cage).

The spot I had initially installed the bells was perfectly accessible to him. Since he showed no interest in a number of weeks, I decided it was time to move them. After all, Kris has had plenty of time to adjust to the new toy bells. This wasn’t a totally new parrot toy for him. Kris has several other toys with bells incorporated that he plays with. We shall see if these new toy bells are a dud.

New bird seed.

Running out of seed. That’s easy. Stop at the store and pick up new bird seed. No. Not as simple as I thought. The store was out of the type I had purchased last time. Kris had really enjoyed it too. Darn.

Mom decided to experiment with another type of seed that looked pretty good at the time. When I opened the bag I began to have second thoughts. Some of the seed looked OK but there were other pieces that I also would find in my hamster’s food. There also was pumpkin seed and two other types of dried beans which I knew Kris would not eat. The poor bird would not eat much of this at all.

Thank God, I still have a little old seed left and plenty of pellets. Guess who is running out to the store in the morning. My hamsters will be happy, they now have plenty of new food.

Kris did his best to prove me wrong.

Kris did his best to prove me wrong. I know I have previously reported that he did not like carrot. The other day, I had been finely chopping carrots in a mini food processor for a recipe. Kris was out and sitting on my shoulder (he is my supervisor). Suddenly I had this brilliant idea. Why don’t I try giving him a little carrot again?

I put a little chopped carrot along the rim of a small bowl, encouraging Kris to step up and try some. This went over well. He pecked at it, seeming to enjoy it. I don’t know if he liked it better because it was small pieces or if because it was fairly moist or both.

Next time I am chopping carrot, I will put some aside for Kris. Of course, since I’ve put this in writing, next time Kris will ignore it and laugh at me. Aren’t all children like this?

Kris was a bird on a merry go round.

20160126_141623_resizedKris was a bird on a merry go round. I let Kris out of his cage for a little exercise and recreation. This parrot firmly believes in recreation. Kris flew up onto the ceiling fan and proceeded to use it as a merry go round. (Yes, the fan was off otherwise he may have been hurt by the moving blades.) The only movement of the blades was caused by Kris walking on them.

As he slowly walked the length of the blades, his shifting weight caused the fan blades to rotate. I believe the changing balance was what caused movement. Then he would jump from one blade to another, sometimes causing the rotational direction to change. The next new carnival ride will be Merry go rounds for parrots.

Too bad he didn’t dust while he was up there.

Yes, the parrot was out on the playtop!

Yes, the parrot was out on the playtop! I finally had the opportunity to take a decent picture of Kris, as you all can see. Now his beautiful long tail is more visible. Isn’t he a pretty bird? I thought I was never going to be able to coax him out to accomplish this.

A few days ago, I opened the cage top and walked away. When I returned an hour later he was on top and ready for an adventure. I quickly shot a few pictures and a video. Have to try reshooting a shorter video because there was too much data to upload to the website. I will figure it out, posting something soon.

Put my hand out, saying “step up”, Kris jumped up to my hand, and then jumped to my shoulder. He then rode around, commented as I typed on the computer, and screamed in my ear while I was on the phone. I walked into the kitchen. Kris became flustered with the movement and flew up onto the curtain rod. Later I retrieved him, walked over close to his cage, and he jumped up onto his cage. As I walked away, he flew off across the living room. Eventually, he worked his way half walking and half flying back towards me in the dining room. (I have a new best friend.)

It was after 4:30 when I walked again over to Kris’ cage to deposit him. This time, Kris stayed. The room was darkening. A short time later when I checked, Kris had returned inside the cage settling down for the night. Yes! A home run, a goal, a basket, my team scored! Quickly I shut the top.

Kris had a heck of a good time that day.

Kris and his cage play top.

Kris’ parrot cage play top was open overnight and he did not come out. This is good and it is bad. Good because he, at least, stayed safe overnight. Bad because I have been trying to coax him out onto the open top to play. I also hope that once he is out he may be willing to practice the command “step up” for me. Yeah. Right. In my dreams.

My guess is the cage is much too nice and comfortable for him. Kris sees no reason to have an outside adventure.

New Phrase

This little New Jersey parrot or should I call him a little New Jersey Devil (a regional mythical character) spouted a new phrase yesterday. Some of the things he says can’t quite be understood just because of the way he says them. This was as clear as a bell. I thought I’d heard his entire repertoire. How wrong was I?

His cool new phrase —“C’mon baby”. Yeah, it’s nothing spectacular but as I said  before “I thought I heard it all”. Nearly knocked my socks off. Better wash my ears out so I can hear his conversation clearly. New words may be on the horizon. Maybe. Who knows?

I’m still trying to have him repeat “birds just wanna have fun”.



Play Top

Kris’ cage has a play top. It opens on top so he can come out and play with toys or a play stand (a platform with a perch or two and a couple of play items attached).

Lately, I’ve been opening the top trying to entice him out. Kris just looks as if interested but not bold enough to attempt it. Mind you, his wings aren’t clipped and I have no idea how I would get him back in the cage if he decides to have an adventure flying around the house.  (Don’t forget my cat is old and arthritic but she isn’t dead.) I’ve been assuming that since I do this before I feed him, the prospect of food should bring him back to the cage. Maybe. Fat chance more likely.

When open, I say step up and put out my hand. Of course, he just looks at me. At least, he doesn’t laugh. He does know how to laugh. I tap my shoulder and ask if he wants to ride? Nothing. Training takes time and many repetitions. I’ll just keep on trucking.’

I’ve been trying

I’ve been trying (Yeah, I know. Everybody thinks I’m trying…their patience, that is.) to review step up with Kris. Step up is one of the first commands you teach a parrot where he will perch on your hand. He used to do this for me but had stopped awhile back. I’m not sure if it’s because I move too fast or move my hands too much (I’m Italian I can’t talk without moving my hands). Kris has known me long enough that I’m not a stranger. Unless he’s missing his previous owner? One never knows.

Also did not earn his friendship today when I cleaned his cage. Kris never likes his habitat being disturbed. At least, the cage is all fresh until he starts pooping again (about 3 seconds after I finished). He is a cute little poop machine.