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Kris’ previous owner fed him seed – parakeet diet, which is small seed. He also occasionally gave him coffee, cola, pizza, and cheese which he loved. Now cheese is definitely O K and I believe pizza is questionable but coffee and cola should be no nos.

I did a little research at the pet store and realized Kris needed pellets added to his diet. They are nutritionally complete, filling in other nutrients not found in seeds. He loves the purple ones, diving into those first. I’m not sure if it’s the flavor or color or both that attracts him. Is it time to find a manufacturer that will sell purple separately? Cheep of course. Oh, it should be cheap? Heck no this is a bird. Have to spell it cheep!

Size matters. The first bag of pellets I purchased were the larger ones for parrots. It seemed a lot more was thrown around and wasted.  My next bag was medium, cockatiel size which is closer to Kris’ size. He seems to be doing better with this.

My newest project is replacing his smaller seed with medium sized. Looking at his beak, it seems that he should be able to handle (wait — he doesn’t have hands ) the medium size but he is accustomed to the smaller seed. There is enough smaller seed mixed in so Kris won’t starve during the experiment. I just have to see how he takes to the truly medium seeds. There are always pellets available if he is unhappy with this new seed.

Kris loves apple. Has no use for pears, peaches, lettuce, or carrot. Bananas, he nibbles a little then looks at me as if to say ” mom, why did you give me this?”.

UPDATE: Kris loves his new seed. Actually, the variety I purchased has a pleasant fruity smell. There is a mix of small seeds, some nice looking seeds that are a little larger (I wouldn’t eat them myself but they look good), split peas, and small sunflower seeds. Kris descends on these voraciously.

Let me now take back what I said that Kris won’t eat. He eats everything and anything he can get his little beak on, especially if it’s in my dish. He likes lettuce, carrots, blueberries, and peaches. Haven’t had pears in awhile but I’m sure he would eat them too. He has lost his shyness over foods.



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