Kris Facts

20151119_121004_resizedThis is a quick reference spot for Kris facts.

Kris is a Princess of  Wales Parakeet. He is considered a medium-sized parrot. The breed originates from Australia. He has beautiful blue plumage. Now I know you are thinking… “but wait! aren’t Princess of Wales usually green”…. Kris is a mutant. No. He doesn’t have two heads and an extra wing. I looked. It’s because of his color. There are two color mutations the blue and what they call Lutino, a very pretty yellow.

I believe he is about 10 years old, I may be wrong.

He talks. He can sing (to the tune of Jingle Bells) “Crispy bird, crispy bird”. ( His previous owner had a weird sense of humor.) He says hello, pretty birdie, it’s OK Kris, and what are you doing. He can do a wolf whistle. Kris can mimic coughing. Automatically I ask him if he is OK, then I stop and say to myself “Of course he’s OK. He’s only mimicking. Birds don’t cough.”

I whistle the tune from “Bridge on the River Kwai” to him. Also, I do “I Am a Happy Wanderer”, a song my old grade school music teacher, Miss Wood, taught us. I’ve been trying to teach Kris to say “Here kitty, kitty.” and “Birds just want to have fun.” He doesn’t think much of this.