Parrot Loves Zucchini

parrot loves zucchini
Photo by Angele J from Pexels

My parrot loves zucchini. He’s a good boy. He eats his veggies. So do I.

But unfortunately, I’ve learned the hard way that Kris cannot be on my shoulder while I prepare vegetables. He constantly tries to jump down into them. It’s a constant struggle.

Seriously, I cook zucchini often enough that he recognizes the scent of the zucchini sauteing while still caged. He starts becoming more vocal, excited in anticipation of his treat. Kris knows that I will save him some thick end pieces which I trimmed off.

There is a special spot by the sink where I place all of his treats. These can range from trimmings from various fruits or vegetables, a crust of whole-grain bread,  or perhaps a bit of egg. Kris loves them all.

Kris doesn’t eat very much

Alas, he doesn’t eat very much. The problem is that he will eat heartily with me standing next to him as I putter at the sink. The moment I step away to put something in the refrigerator or stir a pot on the stove, he will panic and fly right back to my shoulder. He could be starving but is willing to abandon the goodies to fly back to me.

Boy, do I feel guilty.


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