Play Top

Kris’ cage has a play top. It opens on top so he can come out and play with toys or a play stand (a platform with a perch or two and a couple of play items attached).

Lately, I’ve been opening the top trying to entice him out. Kris just looks as if interested but not bold enough to attempt it. Mind you, his wings aren’t clipped and I have no idea how I would get him back in the cage if he decides to have an adventure flying around the house.  (Don’t forget my cat is old and arthritic but she isn’t dead.) I’ve been assuming that since I do this before I feed him, the prospect of food should bring him back to the cage. Maybe. Fat chance more likely.

When open, I say step up and put out my hand. Of course, he just looks at me. At least, he doesn’t laugh. He does know how to laugh. I tap my shoulder and ask if he wants to ride? Nothing. Training takes time and many repetitions. I’ll just keep on trucking.’

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