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Caged wants out

Caged wants out. Yes, that’s what Kris would write on the wall if he knew how. No, he wasn’t in birdie jail for bad behavior. Mom didn’t let him out for almost a week and a half because I had cellulitis in my left arm. Kris has a habit of riding around on my shoulder when I am walking but if I sit down, he will perch on my arm. The way my arm was infected, I couldn’t risk him arm perching.

Please note, during this time period, I spent plenty of time near his cage, talking to him, and giving him attention. I understand that he is a people parrot who wants to be a part of whatever may be happening. Knowing him, he did not think it was enough.

He was a wildman when I finally released him. Couldn’t stop chattering and squawking. Immediately climbed up on my shoulder and would not shut up. I had on a long sleeve shirt to protect my arms but he stayed on my shoulder the whole time he was out.

Holy cow! what a happy birdie. Nice to see him happy.