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Kris did his best to prove me wrong.

Kris did his best to prove me wrong. I know I have previously reported that he did not like carrot. The other day, I had been finely chopping carrots in a mini food processor for a recipe. Kris was out and sitting on my shoulder (he is my supervisor). Suddenly I had this brilliant idea. Why don’t I try giving him a little carrot again?

I put a little chopped carrot along the rim of a small bowl, encouraging Kris to step up and try some. This went over well. He pecked at it, seeming to enjoy it. I don’t know if he liked it better because it was small pieces or if because it was fairly moist or both.

Next time I am chopping carrot, I will put some aside for Kris. Of course, since I’ve put this in writing, next time Kris will ignore it and laugh at me. Aren’t all children like this?